Strategies for Mitigating Business Risks Associated with Cloud Repositories

You may be among the many organizations who are considering deploying enterprise file synchronization and sharing solutions (EFSS) or cloud repositories to empower your mobile workers, implement BYOD policies, and support collaboration. You’re in good company.  Cloud adoption rates are rising as more and more companies deploy file synchronization and share capabilities, and the reasons for doing so are important: To enable their users to have access to data anywhere and to easily share that information and collaborate with their colleagues, partners and customers.

It’s working in their favor. According to Forrester:

  • 91% of companies reported increased productivity thanks to file sync and share
  • 70% of employees using file sync and share reported using it every day, while nearly one in five use it hourly.

  • But the challenges are also obvious:

    • Security teams haven’t been able to determine with certainty whether sensitive data is in the cloud
    • Performing e-discovery search and collections in a way that a court will accept could be both time-consuming and fraught with peril
    • Best practices for reducing risk when negotiating cloud vendor contracts are in the beginning stages of development.
    In fact, at Guidance Software, we’ve been integrating with leading EFSS and cloud collaboration systems like Dropbox for Business to make it all easier—and fully defensible from a legal standpoint. Take a look at our new paper, where we define the critical business requirements related to cloud and EFSS solutions and offer some advice on how to negotiate them into vendor business agreements. It also covers the challenges of collecting ESI from the cloud for purposes of e-discovery and highlights the integrations of EnCase® eDiscovery with Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Office 365.

    Comments? Have best practices of your own? We welcome your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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