Vote for the Biggest E-Discovery Challenges of 2015

New trends in TAR, collecting ESI from the cloud, BYOD… When it comes to e-discovery, what’s keeping you up at night? With just a few keystrokes, you can make your concerns heard by participating in the second annual e-discovery professional’s survey. The survey is short, it’s focused, and all participants will see the results after analysis. To answer this brief survey, click here. To see last year’s results, click here.

The survey will take less than five minutes to complete and, as a thank you, one randomly selected survey respondent will receive an Apple Watch.

We Understand Privacy Needs
Your responses will be kept completely anonymous, and we will not disclose your organization’s participation. Some of the data will be compiled into a research report, and we would be pleased to send all survey respondents a copy of the report next month.

Comments? Questions? We invite you to comment in the section below, and to explore what's new with EnCase eDiscovery here

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