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See for Yourself: EnCase® eDiscovery v5 is Out

Bryant Bell

EnCase® eDiscovery v5 marks the advent of significant new capabilities – breakthroughs, even – for in-house counsel, government agencies, and law firms who need to get e-discovery done right. No more outsourced black boxes. For the first time, litigation specialists and their legal teams can have complete oversight of the entire e-discovery process, from a greatly automated legal hold phase through early and continuous case analysis all the way through to production.

A Strategic Approach to Cloud E-Discovery: Five Key Considerations

Bryant Bell

According to a Nov. 2011 survey from analysts at eDiscovery Journal, 35 percent of in-house legal teams surveyed were planning a move to a cloud or hybrid cloud solution for e-discovery. Why this increasing interest in cloud? Because of the scalability, computing power, and secure accessibility it offers for facilitating portions of the e-discovery process.

If you’re considering a move to cloud or hybrid e-discovery, you first need a good grasp of what the cloud can and can’t do. And central to that is an understanding of which e-discovery processes are best adapted to cloud solutions. In actual practice, those phases best suited to cloud solutions are:

  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Review
  • Production. 

Full Speed Ahead With CaseCentral

Daniel Lim Guidance Software's eDiscovery Legal Team and Chris Kruse (previous CEO of CaseCentral) met last Friday to continue our deep-dive into Guidance’s newly-acquired private cloud-hosted review. With over 20 years in the business, Chris Kruse is a pioneer of review technology and a tremendous asset to Guidance. Combining EnCase eDiscovery’s on-premises technology (Pre-Collection Analytics, Legal Hold, Collection, Preservation, Processing, & First Pass Review) with CaseCentral’s SaaS-based review solution provides the best solution for the full e-discovery process for the enterprise. CaseCentral has been in the industry just about longer than anyone else, and it is the only solution truly geared to provide key benefits to in-house counsel, rather than the traditional middle-men.

Chris will be presenting a session at our 2012 CEIC on “E-Discovery Done Right: The Benefits of an End-to-End E-Discovery Strategy.” Tune-in or ping us to get more details.