Out of Cold Storage and Onto Your Screen: Why In-House E-Discovery Review is Taking Hold

Bringing e-discovery review in-house is becoming more common by the week. The days of sending legal assistants and paralegals away to “storage camp” are becoming history not just because of the reality that the overwhelming amount of our business information is stored electronically. It’s because bringing review in house makes sense in terms of early case assessment as well as costs and time.

A few developments in the legal industry are fueling this trend, too. Inside counsel are becoming both savvier about technology and more impatient with the inability to gain oversight on the process when review is always and only outsourced. When counsel asks, “How far along are we in the review process?” and receives an answer like, “Um, it’s hard to quantify exactly,” it’s time to get a different system in place.

Learn New Options from a Field Expert

Betsy McCabe, a principal business consultant for Guidance Software with plenty of hands-on review experience, will present a webinar on Wednesday, April 16th called, “Taking Control: Benefits and Best Practices for Bringing Review In-House.” 

Join her for a look at research on the expectations of increased corporate litigation, how you and your ever more technologically proficient colleagues now have a number of options for performing review, and how to establish a methodology for secure, flexible multi-party, multi-matter review. You can register here. We hope to see you there.

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