Announcing an Industry-first Integration between EnCase eDiscovery and Box for Defensible Cloud Collection

Box is the enterprise cloud content management platform of choice   

All of us on the EnCase eDiscovery team are excited to announce a new integration between EnCase® eDiscovery and Box, the enterprise cloud content management platform used by 97% of the Fortune 500. Enterprise IT teams have come to rely on Box for cloud storage capabilities that map to their information governance policies and processes. This makes Box the perfect choice for this industry-first integration with our complete e-discovery product, an integration that will let legal teams securely search, collect, and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) located on Box from within EnCase eDiscovery just as easily as with on-premise data.

Now Collect and Preserve Information Managed in Box as Readily as On-Premises Data

Whitney Bouck, the senior vice president and general manager of enterprise at Box, has said that many of their enterprise customers reside within highly regulated industries, so they need a way to meet e-discovery and compliance requirements in a way that does not compromise efficiency and user experience. This makes Box and EnCase eDiscovery ideally suited to offer IT and legal teams a scalable, reliable, and secure way to gain visibility of content stored in Box, to manage access to that content, and to control retention and dispensation.

Our President and CEO, Victor Limongelli, told us, “Box has focused on bringing enterprise-grade cloud storage to the market, making them the perfect partner for EnCase eDiscovery. Inside counsel and information security teams are beginning to collaborate on processes and best practices, and their essential technologies must do so, as well.”

Integration Enables Visibility and Control over ESI Managed in Box

The EnCase eDiscovery integration with Box offers the following to your risk management and legal teams:

Instant Visibility of content housed in Box. EnCase eDiscovery can quickly scan Box and identify potentially relevant ESI based on specific criteria. Legal and IT support teams can access Box data in a forensically sound manner, as the integration keeps metadata and content intact, then makes it available to dispersed collaboration groups as needed. 

Centralized Access to data that may be required for e-discovery, increasing speed while preventing inadvertent sharing of sensitive data.

Rapid Response to Legal Matters, which is a critical advantage when responding to regulatory requests. By collecting only relevant ESI, workloads are reduced along with risks and costs associated with manual procedures such as copying files and burning DVDs.

Lifecycle Control supports a defensible process for retention and deletion (dispensation) of all data relevant in legal matters, whether stored on premise or on Box.

More details are coming soon. Watch this space for additional information, and let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below. 

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