The Road to CEIC 2013: Labs Designed for the E-Discovery Practitioner

Jessica Bair

"The Road to CEIC 2013” is a series of blog posts on all things CEIC, before, during, and after, from an insider’s point of view.

Next week, David Neal will be teaching the EnCase® eDiscovery course to another packed classroom of eDiscovery practitioners. David is the course developer and lead instructor for EnCase eDiscovery, and for the first time at CEIC, he will present an EnCase Certified eDiscovery Practitioner (EnCEP®) review session.

May 19, 2013: First-ever EnCEP Review Session at CEIC

If you have attended David's EnCase eDiscovery course before CEIC, in person or On Demand, this is a perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills. You can take the EnCEP test for free with your CEIC registration. You must meet the training and experience requirements and register by April 26th. When I created the EnCEP program in 2009, leading a working group of e-discovery professionals to produce the first certification of its kind, I looked forward to the day that the certification review and testing would become part of the CEIC experience. May 19th is that day!

Managing Large Data Sets Just Got Easier

With the recent release of EnCase eDiscovery v5.2 and close integration with EnCase eDiscovery Review (formerly known as CaseCentral), EnCase E-eDiscovery continues to improve and become easier for managing large data sets. This CEIC is packed with e-discovery labs, taught by experts from in Guidance Software field engineering, professional services, and research and development departments; along with e-discovery practitioners from KPMG, American International Group (AIG), Intelligent Discovery Solutions, and Seyfarth Shaw.

I have had several meetings with Joe Murin, David Lyman and Aaron Bennett about the e-discovery lab setup they are planning. These dedicated professionals will be bringing their own domain controller, SQL server and VM images of containing the EnCase eDiscovery installation, arriving early Thursday, May 16th to configure the lab machines in order to bring you the best training experience possible.

E-Discovery Labs for the Practitioner

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Jessica Bair
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