The Road to CEIC 2012 – A Beautiful Day at the CEIC v12 Rotundas

Jessica Bair The “Road to CEIC 2012” is a series of blog posts on all things CEIC (@CEIC_Conf), before, during and after, from an insider’s point of view.

In the center of the bustling activity on Monday, attendees found a new addition to CEIC, the Rotundas in the Red Rock Veranda room, with two interactive exhibits: E-Discovery Done Right and EnCase App Central.

The E-Discovery Done Right Rotunda is the official CEIC lounge for all things e-discovery. It is the place attendees can visit throughout CEIC v12 to speak with experts about how to streamline your e-discovery processes. Join others who took the opportunity to meet Case Central, the newest addition to the Guidance Software family. With the acquisition of CaseCentral, Guidance Software delivers a complete e-discovery solution, addressing the needs of corporations and government agencies. The combined product portfolio provides increased efficiency and automation, as well as lower risk for e-discovery activities. The integrated solution spans from legal hold, identification, collection, preservation, processing, first pass review and early case assessment through review and production capabilities.

The combined offering deploys software intelligently, with EnCase eDiscovery delivering the legal hold, identification, collection, preservation, processing, ECA, and first pass review functions on-premise, at your site — close to the sources of data and the data custodians — and CaseCentral delivering additional capabilities for early case assessment, review and production functions as SaaS in the Cloud, so that geographically dispersed inside and outside counsel can efficiently review and produce without needing any special equipment or software other than a web browser and internet connectivity. The scheduled presentations continue through Wednesday, May 23, on E-Discovery Done Right, Early Case Assessment and Legal Hold; along with a Happy Hour each evening. See schedule below.

At the EnCase App Central Rotunda, attendees are learning about the new online exchange for EnScripts®. Several years ago, we created the ability to protect the source code of your EnScripts through EnPack licensing. This made it possible for third-parties to develop and sell EnScripts for EnCase Forensic and the EnCase Enterprise platform on their websites. There is also an EnScript Resource Center on the Guidance Software Support Portal (registration required) with over 230 free EnScripts posted by Guidance Software staff and the EnCase user community. With the EnCase App Central marketplace, there will be a place for you to go to find EnScripts for all of your digital investigation needs; and if you are a developer, to market your intellectual property and be compensated for your work.

The EnCase App Central Rotunda is staffed by veteran instructors James Habben and Simon Key. These are the brilliant gentlemen who develop and teach the popular expert courses EnScript® Programming and EnCase Macintosh® / Linux Examinations, respectively. You can also catch James and Simon teaching labs ranging from EnScript for Non-programmers, to File Block Hash Map Analysis, to Kindle Fire Investigations and Decoding Prefetch Files.

In 2005, I led the team that created EnCase eDiscovery v1, and visited CaseCentral for the initial conversations on our partnership. It is gratifying to see that partnership blossom into a family relationship…and create such a comprehensive solution! Prior, I was in Research and Development, where we envisioned the day where developers and customers could connect on the web to buy and sell EnScripts. It is a beautiful day indeed…come check out the Rotundas for yourself.

Jessica Bair
Senior Director, Curriculum Development

Rotunda and Expo Hall Presentations:

E-Discovery Done Right, Legal Holds, EnCase App Central Overview, E-Discovery Review & Production, Forensic Solutions, Partner Showcases, EnCase Cybersecurity and more.

EnCase App Central and E-Discovery Done Right Rotunda Hours:

Monday: 9:00a to 6:00p
Tuesday: 7:00a to 5:30p
Wednesday: 7:00a to 6:00p
Thursday: 7:30a to Noon

Expo Hall Hours

Tuesday: 10:30a to 6:30p
Wednesday: 9:30a to 3:30p

Presentation Schedule (10 Min. Presentations)

EnCase App Central Rotunda

11:30a - App Central Overview
2:00p - App Central Overview

10:40a - App Central Overview
1:30p - Partner Showcase
3:40p - Partner Showcase

12:30p - Partner Showcase
1:30p- Partner Showcase
3:15p - App Central Overview

E-Discovery Done Right Rotunda

11:00a - E-Discovery Done Right
1:00p - Legal Review & Production
1:30p - Legal Hold


12:30p - E-Discovery Done Right
1:00p - Early Case Assessment
2:00p - Legal Hold


9:40a - E-Discovery Done Right
1:30p - E-Discovery Done Right
3:45p - Legal Review & Production
4:15p - Legal Hold
5:10p - Early Case Assessment

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